Club history

Established in 1985, Masoomin Sports Club has 150 plus adult and 100 plus Under-16 members.


The clubs founding members were a group of 5 friends who wanted to facilitate sports for the youths of the community. Shafik Haji, Riyaz Ladak, Mahmud Walji, Mohseen Meghjee and Marhum Akil Lalji started something that has successfully served the community for many years.

The Early years

In February 1985, the club entered its first official tournament hosted by Stanmore Jaffery. This tournament was held at Harrow Leisure Centre and was attended by various other jamaats from around the UK
The following year in August 1986, Masoomin Sports Club hosted its first cricket tournament which was attended by various Jamaats from around the UK. Later that year the club participated in an 11 aside football tournament held in Paris.
1986 was also the year when the club entered the local cricket league in the Birmingham Parks League. We started off in Division 5 and got promoted in subsequent years and went on to win the Premier League 3 times in a row. Some of the players who represented the club at the time were Riyaz Ladak (C), Mahmood Ladak, Hasnain Rhemtulla, Hussain Sajan, Abbas Bharwani, Hussain Merali and a 14 year old Mujafar Ibrahim now famously known as Muji.

Key Moments

The weekly sessions were held at Small Heath Leisure Centre or more famously known as Muntz street. The 2 main sports being played were Volleyball and Football. Some well known volleyball players included Haji Premji, Mohseen Meghjee, Murtaza Meghjee, Mohamed Bharwani, Hussain Mawji, Hussain Mehrali and Shiraz Alloo.
The club's founding members used to operate a tuck shop selling crisps and pan in order to raise funds for equipment.
As the club grew in size, in the early 90s it was decided that the weekly sessions would move to NIA to accommodate the growing numbers. NIA was to be the home of MSC for many years to come until in 2014 when the venue was sold by the council.

Present Day

Thanks to the solid foundations laid down by the founding members and other later on, Masoomin Sports Club has gone from strength to strength. We have regular sessions for football, volleyball and badminton and seasonal sessions for Table Tennis and Cricket.
Over 100 players play Volleyball and in 2018 we hosted 2 external Volleyball Tournaments which were hugely successful. Our Badminton teams play in the local league and our men's 11 aside football team play in the Birmingham and Sandwell Community League.
The club also holds separate sessions for kids and youths. We run weekly sessions at our football and badminton academies and will be introducing tennis in the near future.


We participated in many tournaments over the years.


Winning many tournaments over the years such as the MAMT Under-18s football in 2013.


In August 1986, MSC hosted its first Cricket tournament


Our Football Academy was set up in January 2017 for boys starting in Reception up to Year 10


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