Membership 2023

Dear Members,

Salaam Alaykum, 

Last year marked the full resumption of our sporting activities for the first time since the pandemic. We have aimed to relaunch all our most popular adult sports and also give members the chance to try their hand at newer sports. MSC are currently running an average of 14 sports sessions a week for adults across multiple venues, with block bookings in place to secure our sessions.

For our youth, we have been blessed with energetic parents and volunteers who have come forward at every turn. This has allowed the club to cater for a wide array of sports for young members including an Introduction to Sports for young children, A Table Tennis Academy for Boys and Girls, a Volleyball Academy for Boys & Netball Academy for Girls. These complement our existing and immensely successful Football Academy which now caters for both boys and girls.. 

Our biggest milestone as a club and community came in mid-2022 when we united as a Family Sports Club and as the club grows, we would like to continue to improve and cater for our members to exemplary standards. The membership rate will stay the same as 2019 at £15 for all adult members. In addition, under 18’s membership will be free for 2023 with a paying adult member. Children will need to be signed up as members using the same form below. 

Beneath the form, you will find Frequently Asked Questions that will answer questions you may have around membership (why, when and how to pay). For further queries, please reach out to the MSC text line or email 

Form guidelines:

  • The form below can be used for Ladies, Gents and Children.
  • All children participating in MSC sports will need to be signed up as MSC members.
  • Under-18’s can be signed up for free alongside ONE paying member
  • Two or more adults from the same household can be included in one form, along with multiple children.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is membership due?

Membership fee is due from 1st January each year.

How much is the membership fee?

Membership fees will stay the same as 2019 at £15 for all adult members. In addition, under 18’s membership will be free.

Is membership fee compulsory?

No, you are not required to be a member of the club. However please note that all non-members will be charged a higher rate for each session.

Furthermore, non-members can only participate in the sessions at the sole discretion of the executive committee. Some sessions may be exclusive for members only.

Why should I pay membership?

All clubs charge a membership fee. This enables you to be a part of the club and participate in sports sessions without any restrictions. You can have a say in how the club is run and also vote at elections.

You will also be able to pay reduced members rates for all sessions and other instances such as internal tournaments, club kits etc.

Above all, membership should be seen as a privilege as you are able to take part in various sports activities with other members of the community. In most cases you can just turn up without worrying about booking a venue, organising teams or equipment.

How is membership fees used?

We use membership fees to invest in high quality equipment for the sporting sessions and training for our volunteers so they are able and equipped to conduct tailored sessions. We also use membership fees to fund some of our events where we have not been able to raise donations

Furthermore as a community club, we charge our members the cost we incur for sessions. Without any surplus, we sometimes make a loss on these sessions due to various reasons. Membership fees allow us to cover the deficit so we do not have to charge you, our member a higher session cost.

What if I don’t renew my membership?

In light of the delayed membership announcement, we request members to sign up by 28th February.  An additional surcharge may be applied to members who sign up after this date. 

Can I take part in tournaments?

Any non-members will not be able to participate in all external tournaments. Participation in internal tournaments will be at the discretion of the executive committe

How can I pay my membership fee?

The only way to pay your membership is by doing it online.


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