Volleyball is one of the most popular sport in MSC boasting over 90+ players of mixed ages from 16 to 60+ years old. 4 sessions are held each week suitable for all levels from Tier 1 being advanced to Tier 3 for starters. Sessions are held as follows:
Tier 1: Saturday 8-10pm
Tier 2a: Tuesday 9-11pm
Tier 2b: Wednesday 8-10pm
Tier 3: Saturday 8-10pm

If you would like to join the volleyball sessions then please email secretary@masoomin.org.

MSC Volleyball are also proud of organising various tournaments; most recently a mini tournament (5 teams) featuring Preston, Stanmore and Birmingham Stars and Abbasi Championship tournament which was held over 1 day (Jun-18) and Abbasi Premiership Tournament (Jul-18) which was held over 2 days inviting some of the top teams around UK.


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